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ennui breathes malice – lacerating stones with origami scissors lyrics


there is some comfort in the deep emptiness of the sea
and the sunset satisfies an eagerness to die….
the premature pressence of the stars shall not abide by
my selfishness!
the moon slowly penetrates translucent clouds – now i see
she is only here to deny me of hope in times of need –
there is no peace; no comfort here for me….
the vacant oceans shall never be seen – the void is
merely an ire within me
the subtle pride to hate, i’ll never cede…..
all happiness depleted swifter than a sigh!
now i bleed l-st – now i bleed l-st – now i bleed…..
lead guilt to my name – send a shame, send shame to my
as the sun seeps it’s blame and sets a shade upon my
sake…..with her neglect!
this day she anoint, with a piercing fear and gently
drove a malice to the sky, as thunders begged for
distance and sanctuary, far from her kind… vain we
depart – there is no grace; no place for her here….
past devotions sever new fear – there is no peace!
paper slain by blades – our rocks must defend!