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entities – crestfallen lyrics


so many times i’ve wondered why this life is so unappeasable
it’s that it’s ravaged those who don’t deserve the cruelty that it has served
that makes us pray for you

it’s over twenty years you’ve lived in fear
there’s no stopping this, the pain, it climbs to newer heights
you’ve worn the battle scars and here you are, it shows that you’re strong
a symbol of hope to everyone

it is a steady decline, an abomination that’s disrupting us all
i want this all to subside, i know the cure will arrive

so hang in there please, the worst will not come
if we choose to believe this isn’t the end of all things
and so i will not hold my breath

the wind is still blowing
but i just can’t seem to break through this phase
the thought of losing you becomes the worst of my fears