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envy black – ​midas touch pt. ii (super rough draft) lyrics


i wish that, that all that i touch turned to gold
gold. all that i touch turns to gold

i’ve been feeling envy
jealousy, i want what others got and now i got it, now i’m feeling f-cking empty
cause all my friends f-cking turned against me
i don’t wanna be famous no more
but the money’s so godd-mned impressive
i’m weak and my avarice taught me a lesson that i won’t forget
cause i just made a couple dollars and
i don’t know how i should feel
i might just by me a grill
i might start rapping like everyone out here and pray if i do it’ll get me a deal
cause n-ggas don’t wanna be real
rappers don’t wanna be real
n-ggas, i’ll see you in h-ll
cause i wanted currency and glory
but i only got it at the expense of myself
i’m losing myself. self. self. self. self