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eric zulu – just be ready lyrics



eric zulu with the beat flow
i drop it steady get a meatloaf
i bet you wildin on the d#low
i’m in the corner with them gs tho


don’t forget it just be ready
john cureti imma try to get it i won’t be lazy i don’t even play it, don’t forget it, forget it. he wildin’ he wild, i get down i’m pumped, he wildin’ he wild, i get down i’m pumped

rap 1:

drop it steady with the beat flow
hardest on the heat i got em 20s on them gs though
turn it to a fade i gotta make it when it rains
i had to hustle in them chains i got a hunnid dolla band
i gotta push it for the clan
i started smart i had to think though
had to make a turn i had to bust it with them kilos
80 dolla bands a n#gga flip it with the key notes
turn it to a xan i get that bag and make it action
only one to call it had to keep it on the daction
homies with the strap they got the heat i’m feeling cash#t
cash it on the back and watch it riding with the batsh#t
brother imma see you now, bon voyage

you pass it back and make it look you always got that action
you make it pass as if you always going on a mansion
you checked a strap and acting fooly goofy on the track
and pack a half it might be gooey cooney on the track

rap 2:

i’m blowin up it’s always banging when i’m on the track
just do your life don’t ever let em tell you how to act
keep to yourself and ain’t no wildin when you outta set
if he know me he know i’m always ready with the trap


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