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​ericdoa – fifa* lyrics


lyrics from snippet

[intro: ericdoa]
yeah, huh, yeah (woo, woo)
i’m gonna talk my sh+t real quick, man (woo)
it’s doa and che in the building (yeah)
what you sayin, what you sayin? (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[chorus: ericdoa]
ay, go ahead, tell that boy, we ain’t kickin’ sh+t, this ain’t no fifa (this ain’t no+)
i just hit his main thang, lil shorty was an eater
rock with your step, huh, walk out just like tisa
if he got a problem, he get sliced up like some pizza
wait, hold on, post with che
ay, turn this sh+t up, gotta hear what i say
if he talkin’ that sh+t then he not gettin’ paid