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erin “syd” sidney – just getting started lyrics


driving home on a black night highway
and it comes back to me
nights sitting in the sun room hometown
just you and me
we got the people on the left and the guitar on the right
we got ourselves a party
we played all night back then and here i am driving home

i’m just getting started, how about you?
i’m just getting started, how about you?

you were gonna be a roadie for nirvana
i was gonna be on mtv
we were gonna throw the ultiimate party
if we ever got a high school degree
you were gonna marry your girlfriend
i was never gonna fall in love
we were gonna get out of here
we knew it wasn’t all there was

in the country, the city
the bright lights, the big town
the big ups, the big down
baby i’ve been all around
and below and wherever i go
it’s enough just to know
you’re never gonna let me down

tick tock to the never gonna stop rock
get out gonna never get give it up
everybody do it some more