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eskay home – only way i can talk to you lyrics


crying tears
can’t call n0body who cares
toughen up little n+gga
cause it’s a cold world
that’s what they tell us
that’s what they show us
they don’t give a f+ck about us
n0body owe us
you feel they owe you my n+gga
i know n+gga you know what?
you’re absolutely right
but success is just revenge
it doesn’t happen overnight
you know what happens overnight?
i couldn’t tell you in a song
because it happened to me twice
guess they wanted us
to be just happy just having life
i come from nothing i was a have+not
plotting on those who had plenty
n+ggas tried to test me
because of where i was from
plus i was mad skinny
that sh+t that everybody give a f+ck about
i ain’t have in me
talking like he getting money
all i heard was rob this n+gga
i just want house
two car garages n+gga
salute the realest of gangsters
salute the largest n+ggas
real n+ggas don’t have to stand up
they still marching with us
life used to love us
but now she just be talking different
so when i talk to real
don’t blame my heart’s condition
carry on our tradition
real n+ggas are we winning
think so looking good
and everybody who loves us
they love the hood they
see our vision
they see our pain
they want to see how we living
discussions for days
like who we love why you with them
i’m knocking keisha plum today tomorrow
i’m knocking benny
westside on wednesday
conway on sundays
wishing rel could see all the things that i’ve seen
i had some fun days
i seen jadakiss k!ll it live before your birthday
you was supposed to be in here in the first place
it’s hard for me to enjoy my birthday
you would be right here with me
i met cormega
talk about sh+t like this just playing sega
it’s hard for me to talk to your family my n+gga
i can’t face them
cause i see all of you in all their faces
i smashed a lot of b+tches i been a lot of places
you would of loved the a n+gga
that place is live and famous
miami was even doper
weather pretty, women pretty
so is the culture
home still home
although our city broken
more n+ggas sniffing cocaine
more b+tches hoing
wasn’t like that where we from our era golden
police got cameras now on every corner
drug dealers getting bodied
drug addicts living longer
i thought they saw the movie fresh
in the daytime his father was teaching him life lessons
they wasn’t playing chess
pardon my heart though or whatever’s left
just hoping i’m prepared
for whatever’s next
for years i came home so much
it’s like i never left
life took a lot from me
when we was taking baby steps
amongst grown men
around the wrong friends
like wrong turns and dead ends
headed the wrong way
those shortcuts we ended up taking
took us the long way
whatever we did
you can’t put it in a song kay
well how i do it ?
how i show them
that this isn’t just music
this is real life day to day we living through it
my moms going through it
my liver ruined
i’m a mess i drink too much
i think too much
i’m obsessed
with getting back to the streets
i love to everyone who rock with me heavy
and all the things i love
when you slap me up funny
i can’t believe it’s love
you ain’t from the era i’m from
cause you don’t think like us
only real n+ggas tapping the bottle
and pouring drinks for us
they don’t care what i got to say
so i won’t bring it up
not from a big city with big lights
i’m from a dark new york
i’m from that part of living
n+gga and that is ours
ratting’s at a all time high
and even rats evolve
behind prison walls
some real n+ggas got trapped for ours
and i’m still knocking trap music
cause pretty b+tches they love trap music