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ethereal – treat you right lyrics


[verse 1: ethereal]
it’s a new year, new flow now
young black man with power finna’ show out
sprouted up from the ground like a grow house
now i’m in a black srs wit’ the vogues out
my whole team all pro now
everybody lookin’ at us like “please slow down”
bout to give my girl the world cuz’ she so down
she ain’t gotta ask, she know i’m gon’ go down
“how he do it?” is the question of the century
goofy mad at me cuz’ his hoe so into me
tryna’ be the greatest on the boards and lyrically
n-gga i need payments, i ain’t showin’ no sympathy
feelin’ good like the internet
go to any hood, and i’m good wit’ any set
plug say he got some k!ller, you know that’s a bet
touchin’ plenty money i ain’t touch advances yet

[verse 2: ethereal]
look at me, now look at you
they said “yo’ money must be new” i say funny true
i’m blowin’ up like you thought i would
call the crib different number same neighborhood
too legit gettin’ paid like i thank i should
talkin’ sh-t cuz’ i know i’m gon’ be understood
in the back of the function got it smellin’ good
smokin’ back of the woods, n-ggas like what’s good
awful records sprouted up like a forest
roof missin’ on the coupe, lookin’ gorgeous
take my girl out to lenox i might spoil her
crew dippin’ in the benz wit’ the spoiler
flaw n-ggas think we friends, that’s annoying
tryna’ stack my money up then go torch it
i’m a “so awful soldier” salute then at ease then p-ss me the doja