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euphoreador – robber barren lyrics


tread walking convictions
we make a pit-stop
on our lazy street
you want in your hands
we the people of earth
palpably senseless
fait accompli
tied to our own anguish
in resignation
we look so snide and ugly

look how want
blankets us for free
a smarmy warmth
i remember your gifts
the ones you felt
you had to give to me
in our land
the haves and have-nots
gordian thoughts

a breakdown of our motivations
lead us through this storm
when too awestruck to face
my eyes set the pace
unto inner beauty
the only one way forward
every step every sway

comfort is an opiate
we’ve been chasing that dragon
far too long
(one human
like the next human
when will we do anything
never do carri-on
like before)

we put in the water
our piety lines drawn
in the lake of life
from whence our hands cup
but there are no static lines
in the water
and there are no divisions as thus
we are connected humans