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euro – poppin (remix) lyrics



i’m standing at a table full of women
i’m standing on the couches with my n-gg-s
everyone i’m with a f-cking hustler
and we don’t got no problem jumping off and rushin n-gg-s
if you ain’t young money you ain’t poppin
if you ain’t young money you ain’t poppin n-gg-
if you ain’t got money you ain’t poppin
if you ain’t young money you ain’t poppin n-gg-

got a designated shooter for the tour
i don’t need a phone to make a call
dogs, i be pullin strings for my dogs
let em in man i might just hit the club with a guitar
and i sing, favorite song go “motha f-ckin law”
la di da gotta run the city, early morning jog
running like i woke up late and got a early morning job
okay i haven’t dropped a tape is it too soon to call me god?
i’m calling plays in the huddle
tell them i call them back soon
with a b-tch with a nose like a vacuum
sniffin c-ke in the bathroom
she’s way too excited she might even start to rap soon
she thinks she’s in the backroom at 106 & park
just hearing this max you out
you f-ckin with the big boys and andre 3thous’
ever since d5, chicks i’ve seen now
if she bad i need to beat, like freeway’s freestyle
“don’t expect nothing” is coming, tryna drop in the summer
keish and shante been cookin’
jay and ryan been cookin’
dom and millie been cookin’
took the dice and i shook it
dropping verses and hooking
raise my prices and booking
man we on my block, already on my stocks
and she invade my space, i need it on the top
i don’t f-ck with the cameras, i look good in the shots
and got a real life face, she’ll thank god for those shots
and way way sick
boy hit, boy shit, boy got
and i ain’t even dropped a record
“july” was cool but i ain’t put a lot of effort
marcelo got me out here wearing soccer sweatshirts