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euroz – chasing ghosts lyrics


[verse 1 euroz]
no fiction i don’t live a lie
success is my chauffeur is what im driven by
perpetual presence you can’t get ride of mine
f-ck what the critics say man this sh-t a cl-ssic
i just hope that it can reach a broader demographic
centerfold potential none of my b-tches average
you ain’t bring nothing to the table ain’t no sitting at it
the bottom is where i started from
these days the bottom is where im departing from
n0body acknowledged these movements until i started one
was putting the the ground work waiting for results to come
since the beginning be supply sh-t with either
k!ll you on your tracks since you been dying for a feature
i think its funny how all you n-ggas commentating
know im in the game while you admiring form the bleachers

[verse 2 euroz]
they familiar with the name but ain’t heard him rap
heard your comparisons im not concerned with that
im burning up like jim rome check the thermostat
let a n-gga shine open blinds and move curtains back
meet the n-gga that you slept on
watching n-ggas discuss about who next on
all my n-ggas official they don’t got to be verified
but them the same people i blew checks on
see i ain’t in a position im content with
probably why your top five looking like a hit list
k!lling sh-t is automatic what you drive a stick shift
all my hoes foreign ain’t no telling what they mixed with
released the foundation and it sort-of buzzed
with no outlets i couldn’t afford a plug
but stayed consistent dropped kray and gave them more to love
meanwhile these n-ggas still sleeping jordan shrug