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eva noxious – twenty five lyrics


[verse 1]
first things first
my name is keep it out ya mouth
i’m not the type of woman that’s gonna let you f+ck around
you better respect my turf
‘cause i know my worth
when i confront you ‘bout some sh+t
you better stand in your truth, so
kept it real since 95’
i’m too legit to fall under, drunk, and out of time
i need to get a grip, be alive at 25
got some things i’m tryin’ to do
travel places and my family would be good
see some dope sh+t overseas
a girl do what she please
whoever said that a lady still can’t, ain’t heard of this
up against all odds, being from where i’m from
i’m also not the type they told you, you should bring to your moms
i nеver tried to be sh+t
whеther my hair green or pink
i’ve never been a p+ssy b+tch
i’ve never f+cked with no snitch
but nowadays it’s all backwards
rather be some cowards
prefiero morir cobarde que vivir cobardemente
[verse 2]
24 candles plus i’m rollin with a heat
some of these men think they can punk you as a woman you will see
why the pistol stay with me
all of a sudden they got some b+lls
a man is what you claim when all you’re missing is some heels?
assume ‘cause i’m b+tch that i ain’t real with the steel
not really tryin’ to marry baby you know the deal
tryin’ to get my parents papers
crown and place them on a pedestal
they say, “a man’s world”
when they know that a woman made it though