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evans blue – destroy the obvious lyrics


destroy the obvious

it doesn’t take much to see
what you face inside when the fight is leaving
it doesn’t take long to bleed when your heart grows cold
it’s never too hard to bleed
when your faith inside has left you screaming
with everything pushed aside
no heart, no soul
take my hand, or let go!

i’m left no choice
we live in a black hole
so let’s go
destroy the obvious
i’m left no voice
i live in your echo
so let’s go
destroy the obvious

it’s a god you can live beneath
it’s a place in time
where faults have meaning
where everything beautiful
turns sharp grows cold
you’re the fake, you’re the powerful
you’re the tear, you’re the hate
you’re the lie you’re feeding
a life you can justify
where the dark won’t show

i know you’re holding on to me
your words won’t let me go
i think your gonna find that
when you find your hate defines you
when defeat has left you blind, then you’ll know

i know you’re holding on to me
i feel the fire in control of everything

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