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everett (gordon) - don’t say sorry lyrics


(do i make you uncomfortable?)
(would you like me to change for you?)
(how can i better make myself fit your image of me?)
you go first
wait, hold up, take a step back
you can have my heart
wait, lemme get that sh+t back
go too far
like you always had a f++++++ knack
don’t say sorry
nah, it’s too late for that

[verse 1]
after all this time
(did it hurt, when i did the thing you were too scared to?)
do i ever cross your mind?
pass your time?
when you walk down the street
does it still feel like mine?
in your mind?
i’ll spend my time
in my mind
i’m still fine, but you’re not mine
no you’re not mine, i+
(or said the thing, chained to the tip of your tongue?)
tell me which one’s worse
is it h+ll or a curse?
no, your love consumed all mine
i’m doing fine in my mind
try to take some time by the beach
out to la, i’ll fly
i won’t cry ‘cause you’re not in my mind
all the time
don’t say sorry now
that sh+t’s fine

for real
(are you upset that i’m living your dream?)
that sh+t’s fine
(i’m in la by the way)
no need for excuses
(the skies are bluer here)
that’s just how you do it
(the angels fly at night)

[verse 2]
that behavior, you excuse it
try to refute it
when i was through it
cut me deep down but i glued it
‘til i could say i got through it
how did i do it?
hard to leave your mind when you’re zooted
wonder if you scooted closer
to somebody else
without my help, i blamed myself
genuinely, how could i be so stupid?
i was a kid, you were ruthless
seventeen, nah, that s+++ had me clueless
had no choice but to cruise it
no, i refuse it
never on my mind, no you never peruse it
you always reduced it
but now you’re clueless
‘cause i got through it on my own
now you’re gone, no more of your sh+t
you’re out there on your own
(is your seatbelt fastened?)
(or need i do that for you too?)
(i guess i can understand)
(you never liked to stand alone)
(but i’m used to it)

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