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everlast – long time lyrics


“long time”

she was a hot blooded women, he never saw it comin
she hit him from the side that’s blind
she never gave a warning, he woke up in the mornin
layin there next to his pride
he got a little crazy when she had a little baby
cause it filled him with a fatherly pride
but a couple years later when their love started fadin
he hurt so bad he nearly died

it’s been a long time, since i was faithful
it’s been a long time, since i was grateful
it’s been a long time, since i could look you in the eye
it’s been a long time, since i was grateful

she’s a mother with a daughter, sittin by the water
cause it’s better for her baby to breathe
she got a man that’s in prison cause he didn’t wanna listen
now he’s sittin waitin on a reprieve
and she loves her lil’ baby but she get a lil’ crazy
cause it’s harder than she ever conceived
he left her on her own, but she’s doin it alone
cause she loves him like he wouldn’t believe


he’s a friend and a lover, husband and a brother
he’s always been a prodigal son
he gets a lot of drama when he go to see his momma
cause he curses like a son of a gun
he’s beggin to his lady, let him see his baby
he swears that she’s the only one
he’s got a heart full of sorrow, he’s livin for tomorrow
and he’s sorry for the damage he’s done

[chorus – repeat 2x]