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everson poe – with obsidian knives lyrics


count the sands of time
draw the broken line
grace before the fall
flesh of men enthralled

i’d sooner feast upon myself
than take a hand from you

i will transform some day

this flesh
means less
than excrement
i binge
i purge
i find no relief
bring death
my friend
let it take me

i never wanted to be saved
this desert will become my grave
transformed by death, i am unchained
reborn a woman of the flame
the moon will bring the tide
and the blood that smears my thighs

this womb will never bleed
this wound will never heal
this feeling won’t recede
this woman isn’t real

what do i deserve?
why am i afraid?
what have i become?
broken and decayed

carve out my sickness
with obsidian knives