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evil superstars – pantomiming with her parents lyrics


dance me a hairy b-tt brand new girlfriend
impersonate me a fossile zit on a planktonized rockband

love to be a part of your sophisticated family
in spite of getting called a damaged soul oh-oh
but i still can’t figure out how to take a sh-t
on that two million dollar cubist toiletbowl

could it be worse oh sure of-curse
since a day or twelve i find myself

p a n t o m i m i n g w i t h y e r p a r e n t s
especially for you
p a n t o m i m i n g w i t h y e r p a r e n t s
every day off and in the weekends too

my darling learns me a lot i try so hard to understand her
from cosmopancakes to jackson pollock’s socksuspenders

promise not to tell anybody ’bout yer mother’s cornflake
reincarnation oh-no
nor a thing about yer daddy’s theory that cows on the
moon are no fiction could it be…

all my friends think i’m a fool
her mammy and daddy really got me
into something that’s a battlestar galactica
away from cool
pantomiming with yer parents