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evilich – rotten flowers lyrics


the flowers rot as i walk by
wretched soul you can see it in my eyes
even my third eye
will horrify
it verifies the truth
emanation atziluth
feel like i dont have a place in sooth
disappear to my castle
open a inter dimensional gate
dive right in and fly to my favorite place
the void of nothingness
past the pits of death, emptiness, and dispare
deep underneath the doldrums
pitch black nothingness i do not exist
floating particles in the void of pure nothing
but yet i see a house
with a red door
bеhind the door come screams
i wandеr inside
and see all of my dreams
i die in every one
painful but still fun
lights fl!cker where i walk
demons like to stalk
took ecstasy felt nothing but serotonin drop