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exsanguination throne – failed jehovah lyrics


trampling your sacraments
in permanent scoff of your blesses
away of your lamb inside this cold darkness
i habit the earth together
with satan…

where there’s no sp-ce for your worms jehovah
neither place that shelter them
because your misery is marked in your countenance…

that no longer resist so many hypocrisy and
your blasphemy in not capacious to hide your fetidness
of filth and dirt

rotting yourself in the desire of the absolute dominion
when everything escaped
from your hands and your servants
found them self’s guided
by a failed jehovah!

in the past!
in the present!
failed jehovah!

how much pleasure
cause in me your decadence…
my hate feed in your frustration…
the mines tread under his foots
and eliminated yours

my lord is the hangman
that weeps your trace finishing with your
absurd doctrine and buried in the rubbish
of your dead kingdom

failed jehovah…