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eyedea & abilities – two men and a lady lyrics


her p-ssy gets so wet, you can’t believe it
ugh, come here b-tch, you like this, huh?
uh, give it up
ah, shove your big c-ck in my -ss
oh, you little f-ck
give me your c-ck, in my mouth
oh, oh…

the f-ck are you doing!?

oh, but baby
how could you do this to me?
uh, e-excuse me, did you just say “baby”?
hey, you shut up!
thought that maybe but, what; he could bang the both of us?
how the f-ck am i supposed to feel about all this?!
how are you supposed to feel about it?
feel whatever the f-ck you want to feel about it, aight!?

you’re gonna die, b-tch!

what are you saying? i can’t hear you
shut up!
one step closer… and i swear to god i’ll tear out your freaking ovaries
you stupid b-tch

f-ck you, i’m going
and i am not making apologies
what the f-ck’s wrong with you?
who the f-ck do you think you are?
f-ck this sh-t… and f-ck this b-tch


it’s just murder, man, all god’s creatures do it, in some form or another, i mean
we got species k!lling other species; our species k!lling all species
n0body’s gonna give a flying f-ck about two dead losers

you’re a dead man!

you slimy son of a b-tch!


i thought that was really… moving, and emotional
yeah, i thought it was really emotional too
and, i mean, really good word choices
the story’s a piece of sh-t
who’s next?