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ezra furman – happy new year lyrics


my new year’s resolution was stop using words
at a time when words were all that i had
i realised that i could do whatever i wanted
and that froze me in limbo real bad
finally, i went downstairs to the party
and i said to my mom and my dad
“happy new year
happy new year”

i had also resolved to give up clichés
because those are annoying and dumb
caught up in dreams of word versus deed
i was pinned under language’s thumb
but words are just endings
to use while you’re waiting
for some new beginning to come
happy new year
happy new year

the scene by the graves
where the prince tries to save
the remains of his old way back when
and the phrase that they use
when the clock breaks the news
that we’re starting all over again
are echoing loud
in my head in this cloud
where i have kept it since i was aged ten
happy new year
happy new year

the mark on my chest
where a guitar is pressed
has become a permanent scar
i couldn’t get over the places i’ve been
and the fact that i travelled so far
the places you’ve been blow away in the wind
and you’re left with the place where you are
and i’m new here
happy new year
oh there’s the champagne

the modern day scripture is pretty as a picture
and sometimes we get hypnotised
but now i can feel that there’s something that’s real
that’s behind it and cuts through the lies
deep in my chest i think i’ve got the best
you can get and it’s starting to rise
happy new year
happy new year

the calendar’s meaningless
i know i’m dreaming
it’s only a human invention
but when all’s said and done
well we came round the sun
and that in itself deserves mention
words aren’t enough for me
i’m going to do something
that is my brand new intention
happy new year
happy new year
happy new year
uh huh
that’s it