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early adopted – synonyms for goodbye lyrics

i feel like screaming!
punching walls
knuckles bleeding
drywall covered in my blood
feeling childish
i am wilding
for the first time in a while
shouldn’t have kept that all inside him
painted the walls just to cover up the colors
and trump any glimpse of hope in the room that i grew up in
f-ck that
i’m still here
in the same cage
caving in
26 years

i still have the pictures
the one’s that were meant for me
n-body else has seen them
use them up on me
she’s been looking for synonyms for goodbye

i might get my license to carry
for a night at home, well that might come in handy
handgun, wanna do it by the books
paperwork, see that cl-ss that i took?
now, rest -ssured that ain’t a mistake
when i rest in earth
and that gravedigger rakes
that last of that debris
casket, half asleep
sadly that’s just how it had to be
won’t show my face
if i had one to show, i still won’t budge
embarr-ssment is much too much
we had much more than our parent’s love
i can’t go on without you
i still talk so much about you
i can feel your ghost walking next to me
feels like i’m still around you (somehow)


- early adopted lyrics

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