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eddy arnold – there’s been a change in me lyrics

(cy coben)

when i was very young my mother often said
i was a bashful kid my face was always red
i was afraid of girls but now you see
lordy, lord, there’s been a change in me.

then at the age of twelve i went to my first dance
we played some kissin’ games and then i got the chance
to learn about how nice a kiss could be
you know there was a change in me.

— instrumental —

i started to notice in the little girl next door
i walked her home from school i never did before
i even carved her name upon a tree
oh boy, there was a change in me.

i took the slick enough my hair were lots of clues
and i would shine my shoes and look in mirrors too
until my mother said why son it’s doom, ain’t it
there’s been a change in you.

— instrumental —

as the years went by i surely get around
why i was number one ’bout all the girls in town
i had a different date most every night (whistle)
there was a change alright.

but now i’ve met a gal who stole my heart away
i’m gonna marry her and settle down someday
and if i’m true to her then i’ll agree, ha, ha,
there’s been a change in me…

- eddy arnold lyrics

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