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emɐnuǝl x – doves lyrics

[verse 1: emanuel x]

igniting fires in women
that’ll never extinguish/
cuz the real makes the
fake easy to distinguish/

done introducing girls to mom
she can’t seem to relinquish/

i know she check on my exes like
she spell checkin my english/

but her hearts big —
i’m just tryna protect it/

cuz honestly these girls are gorgeous but hard to connect with/

don’t get me wrong, i’ll
never forget the moments/

it’s just moments last a night
it feels realer when you own it/

i wanna die a king with art
money and exotic hoes/

hated for my thoughts
but this is what i chose/

girls will be ya enemy before a
memory, what makes that true?/

is the fact an enemy still
gets emotion out of you/

[verse 2: emanuel x]

i never let
people in easy/

cuz when i speak from the heart
they never seem to believe me/

trust issues got me thinkin
everyone tryna deceive me/

so distant and aggressive is
how outsiders perceive me/

love is realer than l-st and
that’s where i f-cked up/

she was with me in bed but
when he called she picked up/

your hearts his forever but
you were mine on those nights/

and if i’m lyin then why the f-ck
did you get on those flights?/

ugh, anything
is attainable/

and anybody that walks
out of ya life is replaceable/

you can do anything you set
your mind to just apply/

say you livin but if you
never try you livin a lie/


[outro: steve jobs]

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