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eminem – we’re still #1 freestyle lyrics

peace to thirstin howl, a. l., and

my mother smoked crack i had a
premature birth

i’m just a nerd cursed with badly
disturbed nerves

who wanna be the one to step up
and get served first

99% of aliens prefer

so i’m here to rule the planet,
startin’ with your turf

i hid a secret message inside of a
word search

with smeared letters runnin’
together in blurred spurts

i hang with male chauvinist pigs
and perverts

who point water pistols at women
and squirt shirts

been a bad boy since diapers and

my first words were bleep bleep and
curse curse

never had it and i still don’t
deserve dirt

my breath still stinks and i’m on
my third cert

yanking out my st-tches, and hollering
“nurse nurse,

you said this shot would numb it,
chick it just hurts worse”!

- eminem lyrics

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