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emmylou harris – western wall lyrics

i stand here by the western wall
maybe a little of that wall stands inside us all
i shove my prayers in the crack
i’ve got nothing to lose, no one to answer back

all these years i’ve brought up for review
wasn’t taught this but i learned something new
and to answer the distant call
at the western wall

i’ve got a heart full of fear
and i offer it up on this altar of tears
red dust settles deep in my skin
i don’t know where it starts and where i begin

it’s a crumbling pile of broken stones
it ain’t much but it might be home
if i ever loved a place at all
it’s the western wall

i don’t know if god was ever a man
but if she was, i think i understand
why he found a place to break his fall?
near the western wall

- emmylou harris lyrics

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