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eyesolate – blackest waters lyrics

stones like feathers
try to break through the gl-ss
anchors broke away
i will stand my
ground opens up
swallows me alive
nearly drowning i will endure these times

disguised with the lifeless smile
you try to blind me with your lies

to push the knife inside
until the sea turns red

you let me drown
but i’m still breathing
you want to pull me to the ground
but i will never bow down

where is the safety?
my harbor of hope?
where is my harbor?
my harbor of hope?

i want you to know that i will p-ss the blackest waters
so look me in the eye as you push the knife inside
listen to my words and realize

i will bear it all
i will bear it all
‘till it all falls apart
i will bear it all
i will bear it all
‘till it all turns to dust

- eyesolate lyrics

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