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ezzy – never been told lyrics


[intro: ezzy]
yeah, never been told, never been told

[verse 1: ezzy]
i started hangin’ with my older cousin now my family callin’ me a thug
but he the one who show me love
so he the one when i get my trust
yeah, he the one who selling me drugs
even i don’t really give a f-ck
i think he just misunderstood
that n-gg- really from the mud
i’m tryna take him from the hood
see, i’m tryna take him from the hood
i’m tryna give my n-gg-s dots
you in my way and i’m surprised
i drop up them pot
drop buyers been lie
drop top feels right
since boy i been stylin’
every time i get the bowlin’
my mama always get the bowlin’
she say she think i got a problem
she think that i’mma workaholic
or what ever you wanna call it
i just be livin’ in a moment
and cost a life [?]
but i can coup ’em in my coffee
i swear i do way too often
i runin’ up and run in the mud
you can’t defeat the one on one
specially not one on one
might strike light likely
bright light why you lyin’
n-gg-s really like violent
n-gg-s really mike tyson
[verse 2: machine gun kelly]
aye, ezzy i feel you
aye, we gon’ spark one up for the city
aye, started blazzin’ roll on papers gettin’ faded way before i was shavin’
that must have been 7th grade thang
way back in aunties bas-m-nt
way back when i was anxious
way back catching c-sses
legal fees got me workin’ hard tryna pay back daddy’s saving
why they tell me be patience
why they tell me be gracious
why don’t dig knowledge i did all this by myself i ain’t need favors
god d-mn i be gettin’ high
doesn’t mean i’m getting lazy
teachers teaching ’bout ragging
i’m tryna be jay z
only president in my residence all got green faces
betted all our races
sp-ce game throwin’ x6
crib lookin’ like vegas
cleveland in my blood b-tch
that sh-t ain’t changin’
i pad new playlist
i’m that new favorite
eyes raise like satan
roll white like ganja man
i suited up like frank was
sam cook, sam dave
now i’m tryna be the greatest
that’s the mother f-ckin’ statement
limitations only for the fakers
i can do what ever like a matrix
18 with the baby on the way
2 years later i made a major label
def and kobe like he know me feet on the woods sittin’ at the staples
face on the big screen
[?] for my home team

[verse 3: ezzy]
how they sleepin’ on me
and you still ain’t chasin’ no dream
and you crazy everbody tryna milk me still ain’t gettin’ no cream
i only do my own thing
i only want the whole thing
my flow is like a morphine
i only want the morphine’s
i’m headed from the bottom to the top and i ain’t stoppin’ no that’s not a option
n-gg-s livin’ like it’s gotham
these n-gg-s robbin’ gotta watch ’em
sick and tired of living out of fear
so they gon’ hate you when i’m outta here
they wonder how i do it all without a deal man
that’s just hard for real

[outro: machine gun kelly]
like, i don’t know i just got the skill for real

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