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faith evans – get over you lyrics


i can remember the day and time that we broke up
it was december and the holidays were coming up
i didn’t expect to loose all of the time i shared with you
but now that it’s gone i find myself longing for you

no doubt about it i’m sorry for the way things worked out
if i could change it i would change it but i don’t know how
(no i can’t ain’t no need to cry when i know the reason why)
you chose to leave me but i still wish you were here with me

its true i can’t get over you
no matter what i do
even if i try i, i can’t get over you

i can remember calling your phone and hanging up
cause i was to afraid to talk, if by chance you picked it up
but now that i done thought about it,
i’d feel better if we talk about it
and let you know what’s on my mind
see i wanna try to make things right.

[repeat prelude]
[repeat chorus]

lately i’ve been doing some reminiscing
i’d be lying if i said that i don’t miss you
i have feelings from deep in the past
cause now i need you back
it wasn’t so bad

[repeat chorus 2x]

i can’t get over you
i can’t get over you
no i can’t get over
said no way i can’t get over
i can’t get over you
alright yea yea