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fall – putta block lyrics


what a dynamic entrance

put a block on the words
this i hear on a train
we had salmon on a bus
at epsom no races lost
we don’t bet we just take (‘tec)

put a block on the words
got no check on the world
go and put a block on the works
listen boys and girls
just closer
on the (clommererds)
just close off the words
put a block on the words

the nine unknown men knew this
three sorts
the first: along louie’s life
the second: the complete restructure of your pretentious life
three: the only reason you know this
is that it was well doc-mented
but i say

put a block on the words

here’s an independent chart moneyspinner
for all you people who’ve come a long way
me and the guys played this for charity for spastics
we played it 10000 times
and raised 5 shillings and 7 and a half pence for charity

cary grant’s wedding
hail new puritan, righteous maelstrom
have you ever heard a bill haley lp
what is this sh-t?
everybody go cary grant’s wedding