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famous dex – chump lyrics


fake -ss n-gg-s, i don’t even give no f-ck,
that’s how i feel (b-tch -ss, lame -ss n-gg-s)

right off the top and sh-t
check this out (broke -ss n-gg-s)

n-gg-s they fake, sake, hate, f-ck on their sister, ooh (yeah, i did)
n-gg-s they fake, what,
run up on me and dismissed him (bow, bow, bow, bow)
wet a n-gg- like some tissue (ooh)
p-ssy n-gg-, what’s the issue? (a what?)
yeah, i don’t really like this n-gg-, huh (what?)
fat daddy k!ll this n-gg-, huh (bow)
yeah, huh, back then i was really broke (what?)
this year i’m gettin’ h-lla dough (i am)
blue cheese, yeah i want more (want some more)
wait, huh, look at my diamonds,
they shine, got cartier lil’ b-tch (ooh, cartier)
ooh, huh, look at my right wrist shine
diamonds stare lil’ b-tch, ooh (diamonds all for the what?)
ooh, drinkin’ lean like it’s beer, huh (beer)
pullin’ b-tches by they hair, ooh
ridin’ ’round in a ghost, ha (skrrt)
windows tinted like the mayor, ha (skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
yeah, what, huh, you can’t shoot ’cause it’s bulletproof
f-ckin’ that b-tch, she ain’t into you, ha
this lil’ b-tch is a [?] (yeah, i know, what?)
wait, i had to count my bands up
bad b-tch, i can’t stand up
i just pulled up in a range truck
wait, pull up in range (what?)
yeah b-tch, i’m a danger, huh (what?)
.30 on me, keep it dangerous (what?)
what, i’m no singer, huh
bullets flyin’ make you sing, yeah, what (bow, bow, bow, bow)

nah, i ain’t really good at talkin’ to you,
you know what i’m sayin’?
(i ain’t no singer, bullets h-t you, swear you in danger)
i, i’ma get back to work
swear you got some woods rolled up in that b-tch (i
ain’t no singer, bullets h-t you, swear you in danger)
yeah, i know
i don’t f-ck with n-body man
i got this sh-t (uh, dexter)
ha (uh, yeah, what?)

look at my middle finger diamonds b-tch, shining, ooh, what (bow, bow)
f-ck your lil’ b-tch one time, that b-tch be wylin’ what
yeah, kick your b-tch to the curb, what
i don’t want that b-tch, i skrrt (skrrt)
get on my nerves, what (what?)
stupid b-tch get on my nerves, what, yeah

[?], yeah
money, money, m-money, money, money, know what i’m sayin’?
my real name is dexter too (no for real, it’s on my p-ssport, dumb-ss)
ooh, yeah (yeah, a what?)

wake up, smoke me a wake n’ bake, huh
yeah, huh, p-ssy -ss n-gg- talk what?
put him -ss in the lake, yeah (bow, bow, bow, bow)
ooh, huh, .30 on me, i don’t miss, huh, yeah (what?)
shoot him like jerry west (uh)
bullet hit you right up in the chest
yeah, b-tch (i don’t think they heard you, say it again dexter)
yeah, shoot him like jerry west, what (what?)
bullets h-t his -ss in the chest like uh (uh)

you know what i’m sayin’?
i ain’t gotta say my real name (i don’t)
b-tch -ss n-gg-, you know who behind this camera
the mic, ha, can’t fight (what?)
ooh, i’m like, pop a lil’ perc, huh, all night, huh
swear to god, alright, i’m high (what?)
she bi (she what?), she want the d-ck, a lie (a lie)
she wanna get some money, baby girl h-ll nah, that’s a lie