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fan_3 – broken home lyrics


this chick goes to school
in her brand new benz
it’s filled with her friends
but when the day ends its, it’s colder
she just found out her parent’s marriage is over
she’s supposed to understand, when she’s older
at least that’s what her parents told her
but now she’s goin’ off on them
because they can’t scold her
there’s tears in her eyes, she yells and she cries
her world tumbles down and she wishes to die

she has to comply when her life’s gone awry
she turns to her mom looks her in the eye
? how could you push him away?
please mom make him stay!
we’ll wake up tomorrow it’ll be a new day!
you can try to work it out
he don’t have to bounce?
not an ounce of respect
left death to her parents tongue
this switch ain’t gonna be fun
she’s done, had enough
coping with this is bound to be tough

one young girl, and she’s caught outside in the cold
scared to the bone, but trying to be bold
but when she wakes up she’s all alone
in a broken home

two months later
she’s got miles on her car
from goin’ out to her dad’s
cause he lives so far
and her mom’s cryin’
cause she ain’t got the first check
they’re about to lose their house
but this chick would bet
that if her mom would just
stop boozin’ and usin’
then they would stop losin’ everythin’ that they had
but she’s so mad, so angry and sad
and she wants more than anything
to live with her dad
but her dad’s generous
with 24 grand a year
and her mom has the nerve
to she’d one tear?
so she stands up
eye to eye, watches her mom cry
and lets out all the feelings inside
she yells
? yo trick stop cryin’ like you dyin’!
stop tryin’ to make me feel bad for you!
after all the drama me and my brother been through
you have the nerve, to carry on like you do?
you act like a child, and i’m your mother
so girl get up and go take care of my brother!
stop yellin’ at me cause you ain’t got no excuse
and i’m never,
gonna feel sorry for you!?


now you see my life ‘n you see what i’m about
and i doubt even now you can figure me out
just because i don’t have love don’t feel for me
do what you have to do to write your own love story