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fat trel – truffle butter (freestyle) lyrics


[verse 1]
thinking out loud
bout’ to f-ck another n-gga daughter right now
i’m about to mix the molly with the water right now
i got b-tches on the mission across the border right now
road k!llers are you here?
you’re a k!ller right now
with the pretty b-tches and drug dealers right now
i would drill her
i don’t really feel it right now
finna text her
but she with another n-gga right now
bumpin lil wayne
buy b-tch a car before i buy b-tch a ring
she already got a man
i don’t really understand
i only f-cked once
still left them with a bang
im the motherf-ckin’ man
i got a plan right now
i’m at the country about to buy another n-gga land right now
out in philly got a n-gga in the can right now
i call milli for a couple hundred grand right now
all day, type and hit the roadway with the ak
[?] with the bombay
hanging out the window on the one way
young n-gga, what’s up?
gang, double mg, maybach murder game n-gga

[verse 2]
i’m too f-cked up
in the two-seater, two freaks, two blunts
call the police cause i’m too rushed up
and i’m looking for the lean
need two cups dup
get by
b-tch i’m high right now
will fight , but a n-gga too fly right now
her p-ssy wet but it’s lookin’ a little dry right now
b-tch i’m in the motherf-cking sky right now
spend the blue cheddar
b-tches in the kitchen flippin’ a cool whip
i already hit them
i’mma need a new lisp
got so many b-tches
don’t know what to do with them
young n-gga fool with it
couple b-tches in the paint no rain
i’mma make her whippin’
make her sniffin’ cocaine
yo n-gga go crazy
all white but ain’t no racist
im the type to put b-tches on the plane
fat trel n-gga
sl-tty boy gang georgetown on the way