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fby sebastian – explaining the unexplained lyrics


i been sittin’ here thinkin’ reminiscing on the past
thinkin’ back to the childhood that i never had
aware that i wasn’t very liked all as a child
spending years, waiting for the friend that mama said would cross paths
i was 5 years old then, now i’m halfway til seventeen
i’m beginning to feel like we’ll never meet
don’t understand emotions, only made more enemies
it’s only me, myself, and i, i only got a friend in me
labeled as a trouble maker
i was in love with paper
writin’ was my strongest passion i‘d spill my blood on thesе pages
unaware that i wasn’t liked, i livеd life the matrix
reality hit and i questioned why i was hated
growin’ up poor, never sat on the porch to watch the sunset
but waited for night to reveal secrets the sun kept
witnessed a pandemic, but i haven’t witnessed love yet
something’s coming, i can feel it, my fate is just ahead