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fendi p – yea hoe lyrics


yea ho, yea ho, yea ho
world wide hustler

[verse 1]
call a boy that n-gga, so first f-ck all you haters
i got a psa, get off my d-ck, get do some paper
i live by example, my sh-t rob a bank
i am a lieutenant, strapped up so don’t panic
think i’m out my f-ckin’ mind, i’m on my m-th-f-ckin’ grind
you say i ain’t, then you done lost yo rabid -ss mind
you obviously a r-t-rd, yo b-tch think i’m a [?] hard
rolls doors from my wiener, swear that b-tch is so hard
ain’t nothin’ but a dope boy, chevy’s in my front yard
my n-ggas gon’ get money on any martin luther
on any boulevard, pullevard, pretty [?]
n-ggas talkin’ sh-t, mind on all that foreign, bringin’ ours
more ratches than mechanics
all these diamonds dancin’
don’t tell me something i don’t know
no, we do not do car notes
a whole lotta basmo
wels is doin’ cashflow
fresh outta the trap
product still smellin’ like gun smoke
i bring that gasoline-o
2 liters for the slow-mo
go back down marino
in miami on a speedboat
all i know is ballin’
b-tch this may look like schooling
yo baby momma keep callin’
that decap must be ballin’

(yea ho, yea ho, yea ho)
and we don’t wanna smoke with ya
(yea ho, yea ho, yea ho)
we don’t f-ck with ya, you f-ck b-tch
(yea ho, yea ho, yea ho)
and no, you can’t count the money with us
(yea ho, yea ho, yea ho)

[verse 2]
i wake up every mornin’, f-ck up all my to-do list
rosay and my falute big, ballin’, lil n-gga, i do this
to count down what i ate last night might take like half an hour
self versace boxers, watching cartoons with my choppa
i’m all about a dolla, try nickle ban every hour
whole lotta grindin’, n-gga, that’s a lot of power
wham back and i’m reclinin’
everything designer, gotta watch with p-ssy n-ggas
come in all type of disguises
these b-tches ain’t know betta, f-ck her soon as i met her
drippin’ all on the loaf, press b-tton and a low sweater
lil concentrate, but i’m sippin’
concentratin’ on gettin’
if i contemplate and upliftin’
not complicated, now, is it?