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fiascoo – storyteller (jdzmedia) lyrics


anyone know about paranoid schizophrenic
mum, dad, brother, uncle
they all did get it
must be genetics
poor little me, kept seeing the doctors and medics
try different methods, on how to address it
now my mum got it first, and she had it the worst
but dont take that from me though, these are the words from the nurse
she was sat in piccadilly gardens, with my sis in the pram, nothing in her hand, but convinced she was feeding the birds
she rejected the help, which affected her health
she lost weight and had to wear size 6 jeans with a belt
friends came up to me, say they just saw my mum, on public transport arguing with herself
things came to a stand, when i asked for chicken once and she cooked me some ham
and being the guy that i am, i chucked it at her
and she picked up a pan and thats when i ran
does anyone know about paranoid schizophrenic
cus’ my mum, my dad, brother, uncle
they all did get it (x3)
no, i dont no why
but they all did get it
listen, now my bro
he was blazing weed, the haze and cheese
and then i caught him sniffing yay of my front door keys
he was about 14
so i notified all the drug dealers from m14
dont be serving him please
and thats when he went mad
he wanted what he can’t have
so he overdosed on diazepams that he took from dad
spent 4 days in a coma and when he woke up, it went from mad to f-cked in didsbury
he tried to jump under a bus
and 10 minutes later, he went to the police station, and told them that he sold drugs
and then he went castlefield, with his 4 year old son
the ambulance picked him up cus’ he got overly drunk
does anyone know about paranoid schizophrenic
voices going back and forth, like the ball in tennis
its been over 10 years now, since my cuz’ from beswick
he hung himself, life he just couldn’t take it
i went to the mental home to visit harvey last year
and bumped into my cousin nathan, i didn’t even know was there
it was fate, and it was all over the papes’
cause however you ‘scape
does anyone know about paranoid schizophrenic