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fiction plane – listen to my babe lyrics


i listen to my babe inhale
i listen to my babe exhale
i hope my babe is feeling well
when my babe suffers, me as well

i’m incomplete in every way
i forgot to feed my babe today
i took my babe up on the hill
with no idea my babe was ill

how is it i care so much
and still forget important stuff
it seems my babe’s not even here
it seems my babe has disappeared

i spent a while away from home
i went to see life on my own
i kept my babe out of my mind
i pretended that this heart’s not mine

on returning home i found
my babe was dug into the ground
my babes’ heart was clean and pure
the man has said there was no cure

my babe cried ‘please let me out’
i couldn’t hear cause i had doubts
about the things i can’t control
so far away where life is cold