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fight – i am alive lyrics



i am i said
and i believe
i made it here for something

this is my time
i’m here and now
and i’ll fight on
to get there

with prejudice in mind
through fear n-body sees
unwilling to accept
this ignorant disease.

by my own right
i have a dream
this is my life
i’m someone.

look in my eyes
i’m everyman
feel what i see
inside you.

a damming of the facts
a way that’s negative
inside we’re all the same
we have one live to live

the virus in the heart
enough to seal your fate
look deep at what you are
itt’s time to kill the hate

a narrow mind will give
a poisonned point of view
take care of what you sow
the next one could be you

by opening the door
the end could be so sure
a joining of the hands
to seek and find a cure

i am i said
i am i said

i have a dream
i am alive