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final truth – will you still remember lyrics


h-llo tonight.
the stars are shining bright.
are you still here
in the morning light?
it’s so hard to see
when i am afraid
of all the choices,
of plans to be made.
look ahead through the window,
see shadows on the wall.
it’s time to open your eyes
and look before you fall.
your head is up against the wall.
your mind is clear.
you’re though enough to keep out the fear.
will you still remember me
if i treat you wrong?
will you be there for me
whenever i’m not strong?
when i look into your eyes
the future’s all so clear.
when i hold you in my arms
i’ll wipe away all your tears.
weary eyes aching with trembling hands,
you want to fall to the ground
but then you won’t be found.
oh, my eager heart.
waiting for strengthened touch,
i will be there for you
cause i love you, oh, so much.
fear’s becoming my second friend
look away now
and let your heart mend.