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finion – minion rap lyrics


(you one in a minion girl)

[verse 1]
i like minions, minions are cool
i like to [?] my minions in my swimming pool
minions make me happy, minions make me sad
but i don’t really care cuz i am so bad
i made a big decision when i got my first minion
i really like my minions so (skrrt skrrt) respect my opinion (skrrt skrrt)
my minions politicians and they ain’t d-mn villains
that’s why they ain’t in prison
my minions, they all the d-mn best (skrrt skrrt)
better than all those mother fucking rest
don’t mess with my minions at all
they will bounce off the mother fucking walls
minions, (skrrt skrrt) cuz i like minions
minions, i really, really, really like my minions

[outro: minions & shirley caesar]
*minions laughing*
i got beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes
lamb, rams, hogs, dogs
chickens, turkey, rabbit
you name it