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firehouse – when i look into your eyes lyrics


“when i look into your eyes”

i see forever when i look in your eyes
you’re all i’ve ever wanted
i always want you to be mine
let’s make a promise to the end of time
we’ll always be together
and our love will never die

so here we are face to face and heart to heart
i want you to know we will never be apart
now i believe that wishes can come true
’cause when i see my whole world
i see only you

when i look into your eyes
i can see how much i love you
and it makes me realize
when i look into your eyes
i see all my dreams come true
when i look into your eyes

i’ve looked for you all of my life
now that i’ve found you
we will never say good-bye
can’t stop this feelin’
and there’s nothing i can do
’cause i see everything
when i look at you