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flatsound – the product of an angel lyrics


take the length that we’d traveled
and compare it to the length we haven’t traveled yet
i took my life out of context
and moved it to the front of a camera’s lens
so i could see things more clearly than i did

and the picture was astounding
but when i did, you weren’t around me
because the image was bright, full of things that i like
i was standing in a field with the sun in my eyes
and i was happy

so let that be the excuse
of why you gave up even when you didn’t want to
and i will go to sleep
just know you’ll be in my dreams as the product of an angel

and i came to realize all the people in my life
yeah, people that had lied were only lying to themselves
so i’m not going to be sad
no, i’m not going to waste my time
even if i find an excuse to cry
it won’t be because of you
yeah, if i cry, it won’t be because of you

so if you ever said that you’d rather be dead
go a year and a half without seeing your friends
and tell me what happiness means