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for all we know – busy being somebody else lyrics


shine!!! i wake up to the light
but i’m still dreaming
because for all we know
we are on our own.
days p-ss by and leave us behind
there’s no time to blink our eyes
but we’re not playing games
to be entertained.

count me in, in every way
i’ll sit down another day
i don’t want to be denied
by the public eye

despite we conseal we can’t see where
we’re going we’re so alone
we’ll find what we need
if we learn not to follow
god is still himself or do you think he’s
busy being somebody else?

fine!! i will fall in line!
you’ll get my voice but not my mind
and if i go against the grain
i’ve been told there will be h-ll to pay
they’ll crown me if i’d die today,
they’ll crucify my anyway
we all need someone else to blame
to me it’s all the same.