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foreighn – insomni lyrics


i dont really know if this school thing is for me
see i just have a dream of a life that’s before me
will i save lives with a scalpel or with poetry?
will i st-tch lies or the truth will console me?

do i choose life? or lonely?
will i stay wise? or phoney?
will my soul guide? or hold me?
will i cut ties with homies?
and switch lines for paychecks and call me’s?
and write back when time will console me?
and rift raft in limbo with old me
we reminise of cold nights – insomni

yeah! see may 5, the highlight, no glory
you had life, my highlight, my story
i was laid back your highness i’m sorry
i was selfish, i cancelled your story
before the headlines and the date time, i stole it
for a conscience and a mind that was broken
for a future not promised, my angel, my harness…
my leo, my ava, my hardest

insomni yeah
insomnia, yeah yeah

see see if i had a target
for the for the for the life i hadn’t started
i’d rewrite and wake up
my heart would grow a conscience
in my future i’d deposit
a life full of wisdom
like foreighn don’t you tarnish
– insomni

now i grow up and a glow up is demanded
from the inside, now the outside transparent
all my scars show to the reader that’s landed
and you read me, but you see you in a mirror thats blackened
and we reach out for a truth how
we planned it, insomni
see i bleed out by my nightmares distorted
sleep escaped me and i got deported
i could take back but what’s left, im in bondage, yeah
to a life line that is coming, imported
i hate life but love life distorted
i wake up and see you with all that you promise

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