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foreign legion – meanwhile lyrics


prozac- i think socrates said it best, when he said, yo what the h-ll did i just drink

as you sit there listenin to this foreign legion record your chillin
but somebody somewhere else just blew their brains out on the ceiling
someone else just made their first million dealing cocaine
somebody somewhere else is making love out in the rain
at the same time i spit this rhyme someone is dissin me
someone just got hiv losing their virginity
someone else is giving me props on how i rock mics (meanwhile)
britain is abusing human rights
someone saw the lighted guide and now they think their saved
someone just sold their only child to be a slave
someone’s taking shelter in a cave while others bath
in solid gold bath tubs, someone else is on their nuts
whats strange to me is all this happens simultaneously
somebody wins the lottery
someone lost their fortune
someone’s parents died on they’re an orphan
someone else is boarding a plain that’s gonna crash into the ocean
someone just got caught doing strange things with lotion
someone got adopted
someone else got an abortion
someone’s staring down into a coffin at their mother
someone’s propositioning a cop who’s undercover
someone’s with their secret lover putting on a rubber
someone got a job because their color not they skill
someone just got killed over a twenty dollar bill
someone’s taking money from their child to buy a rock
someone said they’d keep it real but now they’re going pop
food for thought and you don’t quit don’t stop
different situation same second on the clock
it all takes place while this mic is getting rocke