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forever golden – karat lyrics


(verse 1: jay squared)
y’all thought the chrysalis was dud didn’t cha
you been snoozing for too long
but i tell em that i’m golden forever
haters always wanna try to ride the wave of my squad
but we just laugh and we nod
i see what y’all n-ggas on
boy you tarnishing gold, never happen
i’ve been rappin’ since n-ggas doubted back
on them antique train tracks
and from heroin out dawg
we dope just face facts, some you might get hooked to
either way we booked dude
called nina and asked what should be the theme for the intro
should it be something vicious and h-lla hype for people to get into?
she said keep it a buck and you’ll never go wrong
so i hoping that you feel this song
i real life shed tears when tana was in that hospital bed
dot mama gone, curt papa gone and i stay stuck in my head
praying that blessings rain on my n-ggas in abundance
and free been focused only on the pop of the country
if you hearing this we got you on your every beck and call
and peace be still to those ever lost on their way
i talk about time and sp-ce because it’s only thing we know
forever golden the family, just ask a friend and get at me
they know