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forsaken – season’s end lyrics


i lie alone, the lull of exhumed memories awake me
grief’s aurora carillons the funeral of my laughter
the ascent of agony, a risen luminary of entranced reality
rapture, i mourn, dreams of yesterdays adorn me

scarred by the th-rnes of tribulation, i cry
to god, the architect of erudition, i pray

is death the infinite ac-men of creation?
can i attune to these rhapsodies of affliction?

twisted hands sow the gardens of charred reason
seams of blood weep morsels of futility

i am dead to savour the odour of lost seasons
laid to rest i whisper lullabies of naivete

beyond mourning, still meadows of intranscience shall greet me
we dance together, through fountains of an immortal spring
in the ashes of the diamond realm, forever he awaits me
for eternity… i can hear my father sing