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franky 2x – the cannibal lyrics


it the return of the reckless vandal
the best-est samples
known to break naked ankles
jezus on the mic
f-ck the sandals
legit big chicks with cankels
he cancels
all opponents whilst
shocking vandals
with flows that’s ample
de-thrones components
sat, on the rhyming council
this next lines a h-ssle
he thought to himself
sat in his mental castle
your eyes move to the corner
5 emcees shackled
by this rhyming cannibal
hungry for emcees
so he outshines hannibal
delivering lectures(lecters)
that’s known to throw off
the most dedicated rap collect-ors
no host equates
now anyone he man hand-les
cause he eats hearts by the hand-ful…
if you’re small fry you’ll get trampled
the muay thai, multaaaiii
syllabic rambo
voice thunders like shango
perhaps though
fishing for compliments
like tasty mackerel
he’s said to walk around with a handy satchel
that’s packed full
of poet’s organs
limbs and meta-tarcals
sn-tch a hatch back
full of intellectuals
with his meta carpels
disrespectful, get wreck
in a rec room
set, boooooommmm