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frazerhiphop – problems lyrics


verse 1
yeah b-tch im on it/
cooking like chili con carne/
katana take you head and slice it off ya/
im on ya couldn’t give you nicer offers/ 4
when my raps come heads up/
you ain’t got one? that’s tough/
rapping like you on some bath salts/
that’s all handicap is yo mascot/ 8
matter of facts i give you panic attacks/
then i stand there and laugh with my pen and my pad/
i am no eminem cuz im better than him/
i’ll be shredding his limbs im only seventeen/ 12
a veteran still sick of all the new wave/
sick of the beats they dropping im picking up pieces of em/
sneezing of em fight you til i’ve got some leaking knuckles/
i see you chuckle ain’t got no seat buckle/ 16
things about to blast off woo! /
kl!ck klack im back with sick raps/
elapse the big facts that im the big man/
exactly the king with a crown/ 20
yall peasants bow down/
im present im now/
i represent a wow/
with my pen in hand im loud/ 24
i ain’t settling no crowd/
cuz that ain’t me i make money/
you ain’t chasing me im amazing see/
my pages ain’t got no vacancy/ 28
and heaven ain’t got no place for me/
i’ve got problems please stay away from me/
a superhuman mc you pay to see/
you will envy you’re the fakest pr-ck/ 32


verse 2
mind like a missile ready to launch/
hand on the pistol ready for brawl/
i’ll never miss ya steady as walls/
i will diss ya like a kick in the b-lls/ 4
i grab my fou fou shoot the po po/
they’re looking after me from coast to coast bro/
got my girl in a choke hold im going loco/
got these demons in my head and i can’t provoke em/ 8
my doctor is telling me i got psychosis/
sh-t my flows sick i be k!lling all these beats/
better check the pulse b-tch/
put you in the er with complete bars/ 12
aiming high to the sky time to see mars/
drop out of school im such a r-t-rd/
but you dont know my sh-t and you will never understand it/ 16
you don’t know the sh-t i go through take you mouth and can it/ 18
all these b-tches just be nagging talk to my hand b-tch/ 20
sh-t it’s a clenched fist take you head and ram it/ 22
through you f-cking skull if you won’t shut yo -ss up/ 24
now cut the bullsh-t im sick of you/
im a fool with an att-tude/
you’re the man i shoot if im mad at you/
i slay mc’s like im hannibal/ 28
im a cannibal so my hand is full/
with rappers i slay them like animals/
in my mind its dinner time/
rappers are meals and i finish mine/ 32