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frederick roussel – mafia freestyle lyrics


baby baby baby baby i’m so big
you can’t touch me
i’m like the mafia you can’t touch me
baby baby who’s my family

(roussel radio baby)

uhhuh uhhuh huh baby-uh baby
uhhuh uhhuh huh baby-uh baby
uhhuh uhhuh huh baby-uh baby
uhhuh uhhuh huh baby-uh baby

i’m comin round runnin around town
i’m up and down baby what’s that sound
uhhuh uhhum hum baby-uh baby
uhhuh uhhuh hum baby ye-ah

baby b-baby baby strikin’ again
baby b-baby baby strikin’ again
the union’s are under my control
you can’t do nothin the mafia says no
the mafia’s got all the union boss
and now their gonna pose caus the mafia’s off
the mafia’s hidin’ behind the signs
when they have a protest on the godfather twice
the godfather they couldn’t even make the film
caus the mafia said baby you can’t do sh-t
the mafia was behind the whole d-mn thing
and when he and when he when he showed him the script
he said yes this and no not that
thats why you have to see the film to understand
baby baby baby baby talkin” around
i’m gonna talk around gonna walk around
my voice baby voice baby voicin” you
i’m choice ch ch choice baby choice to do
this little b-ssline but i’m soh soh the song
you do it by accident the accident’s wrong
(roussel radio baby….roussel radio)